“Thank you for this tool, I have actually found more than one good deal using it.

1 thing:
It’s nice that you can search different international eBay sites with your search tool but the instructions are in English only so many people in say France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. won’t be able to use it because they cannot read the text on how to use it and what it is about in the first place. It’s not an issue for me but probably is for people from other countries. If you add the foreign languages of the countries that eBay is popular in you’ll probably get more international users.”

Thanks for the tip. I will look into adding different language versions of at least the home page here on Typojoe, I think that will be good enough. I don’t think that machines can translate very well for the most part, so I’d probably have to get a person to do it for each language.

Also, I’m really not sure how well the misspelling generator would work for other languages. I guess as long as a person is using the ‘QWERTY’ style keyboard, it should work ok.

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