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There are many items listed on eBay every day that have misspelled words in the title. If you can find these items, you can many times get very good deals because they won't be seen by most of the people interested in such an item. That's good news for you because you have found this eBay misspelling generator tool. Our search tool is easy to use and there's directions on either side of the search table below. We also have a video of Typojoe's eBay misspell search tool in action if you prefer, before getting started. Either click the link to the video above or scroll down and get started finding eBay misspellings now!

To use this tool:
1. Enter the item search term(s) that you would like to find misspellings for on eBay in to the "Enter search term or phrase here" field.
2. Click on the "Search" button located at the bottom left part of the search table.
That's it. Once you click on the search button you'll be taken to eBay and shown any misspellings that match your search.
If there aren't any results for that search, try a related search. Maybe try searching for a brand-name of the item rather than the item itself. If you get lots of results that do not relate to the item you're searching for, narrow down your search.
Enter search term or phrase here
Country: checkbox
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Come back to TypoJoe and add words to the "Exclude these words" field. If you would like to enter more than one term or phrase, separate each one with a comma. Be sure to select the box next to "Exclude these words". Next, repeat steps 1 and 2 and eBay results shown should now be fewer, with the words that you specified excluded.
I would say most of the advanced searching options are not needed, but we've included them just in case you feel that they are helpful.
While there are many misspellings on eBay, there most likely isn't enough of any one word to narrow down your search by the number of bids, ending times, etc.

Check back often as we may add some new features and new eBay tools to TypoJoe.com in the near future.
We just started a blog dealing mostly with questions we receive about searching ebay misspellings here.
Good luck in finding great deals on eBay!

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