Can’t search ebay Australia?


Why is your searcher only for EBay USA? Do you have one that will search EBay AU?



You can also use our search tool for ebay AU, CA, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, and UK.

To choose a different ebay site, just click on the downward pointing arrow just to the right of ‘United States’, that is shown as the default ‘Country’ selection – on the 2nd row of the search tool table.

Then just put your mouse on the country that you want to search and click, and that country will be selected. Then just search as normal:

Enter your keyword into the ‘Enter search term or phrase here’ field.

Enter it again, this time in the ‘Exclude these words’ field, and check the box.

Configure any of the advanced options you want to use – min/max # of bids or price. These options are optional and not needed.

Click the ‘Search’ button, and that’s it. You’ll be taken to ebay and shown any possible items listed with misspellings of your keyword(s).

If you get good resulting listings, maybe save that particular search to be notified when any other items listed matching the search.

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